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Tried and True: Mozart's Cafe

Mozart's has settled in nicely after their 2013 move to North Clintonville
Mozart's Cafe holds a very special place in the hearts of me and my spouse. At their old location in Clintonville (now occupied by Harvest Pizzeria and Kitchen - see my recent post here) and being official long-distance daters for just months, we fell into a fairly deep conversation about the type of house and neighborhood in which we wanted to eventually settle down (definitely not the type of talk you have for a passing fling of a just-because affair.) At our wedding ceremony, we bought one of their delicious carrot cakes to serve as our celebratory dessert. And there was (and still is) something simply relaxing about dropping by on a lazy weekend to grab one of their pastries with a cup of coffee accompanied by strains of music from a live pianist.

The pianist still remains, but the menu and interior
have expanded for the better
Founded in 1995 by Anand and Doris Saha (who met in Switzerland and brought the European theme to Columbus), Mozart's announced they were moving to expanded space in the more northern reaches of Clintonville that originally held the Beechwold Tavern and, more recently, a Cord Camera. This also would allow them to bring their offshoot Vienna Ice, specializing in European-styled gelato and ice cream (and definitely worth a sampling, if you're in the mood), under the same space. After a few delays, the space opened up in August 2013 and, based on our experiences, Mozart's has definitely made the most of their move.

The increased space has allowed Mozart's to expand their horizons on several fronts. Larger events can easily be handled in private dining areas; in general, larger groups can be handled a lot more easily in the common area. For warmer days, patrons can grab a seat in the patio outdoor patio area in front of the restaurant to enjoy the warmer temperatures. In addition to their traditional pianist, Mozart's now holds a wider variety of live music events. And of course, the afternoon tea tradition continues as strong as ever.

Menu options have been broadened for the better as well. Thanks to an approved voter initiative, Mozart's has acquired a liquor license which has allowed the restaurant to offer a variety of wines and beer; mead from Columbus favorite Brothers Drake is also available.

From pastries to breakfast and onward, Mozart's
expanded menu remains satisfying
Their hearty European-fare menu (most breakfast and brunch items are hover around $10; dinner-oriented items are in the $13 - $16 range) remains solidly satisfying, and has been enhanced with the addition of some select well-received items and more American-styled offerings such as Angus burgers. In addition, meal portion sizes may have actually increased a bit with no loss in tastiness: on my parents' recent visit to Ohio, we found that the breakfast sandwiches were more than enough for a meal and made for some good leftovers. Their quiches are almost always on the consideration lists of my spouse and I whenever we visit, and their schnitzel seems to have been improved compared to the past.

Of course, I can't possibly not talk about their European-style pastries. It's hard to pick a favorite, but their Plunder (especially their poppyseed variety) is one of my all-time favorite sweet treats in the area, flaky and sweet without being too cloying. They have expanded their other offerings as well, adding tortes and other delectable-looking treats to their daily display cases. It would seem almost impossible to not find anything at Mozart's that wouldn't satisfy your sweet tooth.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing I have come to know, both pre- and post-move, is the love and support that the Sahas and the Clintonville community mutually share for one another. Their annual birthday party, which corresponds with the founding of their business as well as the birthday of their namesake classical composer, now draws thousands of people and is perhaps the most definitive expression of how Mozart's has become a true local treasure.

4784 North High Street (Clintonville/Old Beechwold - Google Maps)
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 268-3687
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