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Coming Attractions: The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Roosevelt Coffeehouse's business front and logo
The Roosevelt Coffeehouse has a unique and noble mission; as stated on their Facebook page, this coffeehouse is "built to fight the worldwide & local injustices of hunger, unclean water, sex trafficking, and slavery." After being on the local dining radar in concept since early 2014, the opening of this downtown-located non-profit business is finally within sight.

I was able to stop by for their last week's pop-up before final construction was due to start at their 300 East Long Street location and found extremely hosts and a space that promises to be a welcoming spot for visitors.

Founder Kenny Sipes was manning the pop-up on this day and was more than happy to give the details on their space and the mission of Roosevelt. As with other previous pop-ups and proceeds earned after the official opening, all proceeds earned at this pop-up will be donated to various worthy causes with an emphasis on transparency.

Sipes and his son Ethan were more than happy me and other visitors this day through the unfinished area where the main cafe space will go. This main space itself is very roomy and promises to be quite bright and sunny due to the ample window area.

As far as the coffee, Roosevelt has decided to use the beans of Stumptown Coffee out of Portland, Oregon for their brews. Recently, the coffeehouse announced that Destination Donuts will be offered at their location when they open; other items such as cupcakes and gluten-free baked goods are also in the works.

Though construction is currently in progress, fundraising to allow Roosevelt to buy some much needed equipment for daily operation is currently underway until November 17; you can score yourself a pretty nice-looking T-shirt or sweatshirt in the process. Details can be found at their Facebook page at this link here.

Coffee-lovers can look for the Roosevelt Coffeehouse to open its doors to the public sometime either late December this year or early January 2015.

Roosevelt Coffeehouse
300 E. Long St. (Downtown)
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 571-7554
Facebook    Twitter    Website

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