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Playing Their Respects: The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show (11/21/2014:Rumba Club)

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 72 (72? Goodness, that fact makes me feel older than I am) this November 27 had he still been alive today. Columbus musical artists have been doing their part to keep this legendary guitarist's memory alive around this time of the calendar with a local annual tribute show that has now been held for eight years running.

In general, I have come to appreciate the diversity of the Columbus music scene (my appreciation of previously ignored genres like bluegrass has increased hundred-fold via the shows held at Rambling House Soda Pop) and have noticed a real camaraderie and sense of support among this area's musicians. This was no different at this particular tribute show, the last two of which have been hosted in the North Campus area music venue Rumba Café.

My spouse and I caught our first Hendrix tribute show together last year and were quite impressed by the talent displayed by the musicians who played that night. That didn't prepare us for this year's version, where every performer basically came out on top of their game and did themselves proud, keeping a nicely-sized crowd entertained and cheering throughout. These pictures are but a taste of what was more than a worthy tribute to Jimi this night.

Jeffro Jam of Playhouse and Sasafraz kicked things off with Jimi's iconic version
of the Star-Spangled Banner. He added an intriguing interpretation of what
Jimi would've done with Prince's "Raspberry Beret" and added some sizzlng
vocals to a sizzling "Third Stone from the Sun" with David Martinez and company
The crowd was warmed up nicely by a solid set by Kenny Caterer,
front man for Doctor Kenny Delicious
The energy level raised a few notches when Chris Connor, lead guitarist for local
area up-and-comers Angela Perley and The Howlin' Moons took the stage. It didn't hurt
when Angela herself joined in to belt out some Hendrix classics.
Theo Perry, of Theo's Loose Hinges and The Floorwalkers, had a tough act
to follow, but he seemed to channel Jimi himself as he delivered
soulful and sublime take on several Hendrix songs.
Midwest Dissenters' guitarist David Martinez kept things at a high
level with his spirited guitar work and a little help from his friends
Throughout it all, Nathan Smith of Theo's Loose Hinges and
local-area stalwart Maxwell Button  handled the backing bass and
drumming for all performers throughout the night with aplomb.

Rumba Café
2507 Summit Street (North Campus)
Columbus, OH 43202
Facebook    Website

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