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Spheres of Influence: Bexley Coffee Shop

One of the more delicious spheres in the Columbus metro:
The Nibbler from the North Market's Destination Donuts

Who knew that a humble sphere could be so tasty?  Here in Columbus, we have numerous examples of this, from the Destination Donuts sublime Nibbler to Katalina's tremendously awesome Pancake Balls to the falafel of any number of Mediterranean places like Mazah, Lavash Cafe, and Little Lebanon. And with all the good things we have heard about the meatballs of Carfagna's, a visit over there sometime soon pretty much seems mandatory at this point.

Of course, we wouldn't mention spheres if this blogpost didn't have one as the point of focus, one that we finally got to sample in a cafe located on some of the less traveled roads of one of the tonier suburbs of the metro.

Most visitors' experience with Bexley (the result of the merger of the Bullitt Park and Pleasant Ridge neighborhoods in 1908) almost certainly lies along East Main Street, where a diverse array of attractions from an old-school theater (The Drexel), a popular beer destination (Grain and Grape), sweets of all sorts (Kittie's Cakes, Graeter's, and Johnson's Real Ice Cream) and more draws both locals and visitors alike. For visitors, the area where the village borders Columbus to the north (right along the train tracks), where the Bexley Coffee Shop resides, draws far less attention.

I imagine the locals don't mind one bit. The Bexley Coffee Shop has a longer history than one might think. When current owners Nikki Ore and Maria Schlegel took over in 2015, they took over a cafe that had been in operation for several years prior.  The pair didn't do too much with the established formula, but added some appealing tweaks that have been well received.

The interior offers a cute, homespun appeal, not unlike similar locally oriented mom-and-pop cafes. On my visits, I've noticed much of the business is to go, so there's always been enough seating inside (during warmer months, benches are also a seating option on the patio area outside.)

All the usual coffee creations are offered at Bexley, and all the drinks I've had here have been  competently constructed. It certainly doesn't hurt that the folks here source their beans from Thunderkiss Coffee, one of my favorite roasters in the metro.

The coffee shop offers up homemade items like granola and a variety of baked goods, and none of the goods we've tried (especially the coffee cake) have been slouches. But perhaps the true get for anyone is on days when they offer up their own sphere of influence in the Coffee Bomb.  These compact combinations of baked espresso-laced sweetness are only offered on certain days (typically Tuesdays and Fridays) but they're more than worth the visit if you can get your taste buds over there.

Bexley Coffee Shop
492 N. Cassady Av (Google Maps)
Bexley, OH 43209
(614) 695-8927
Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Yelp

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