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Food Truck Dossier: Ajumama

Food Truck: Ajumama

My First Thought: "I haven't ventured into Korean food too much, and for no particularly good reason, but that truck looks promising."

Reality: In many ways, this is an elaboration and reaffirmation of this previous post I had written well over a year-and-a-half ago in relation to two of Columbus' most prominent food trucks, Catie Randazzo's Challah! and Laura Lee's Ajumama. Challah! itself warrants an update post in the near future as they have expanded their horizons, but for now, we concentrate on Lee's venture.

Standout Item: We've found the Bulgogi Cheezesteak, replete with Sishito Peppers, sautéed onions, and "Kimcheeze" sauce a consistent winner, but we've learned over our many visits that it's tough to choose. Crispy Pajeon pancakes stuffed with chicken or pork? A Kimchi Hotdog on a hoagie roll topped with spicy mayo and green onions? Even the sweet tooth in me has a savior in Ajumama's Hodduk griddle cakes, laced with cinnamon, walnuts and brown sugar.

Bonus Item: Ajumama's adventurousness. On most food trucks, I appreciate a consistent menu. With Lee's food truck, my spouse and I eagerly await her explorations, whether it be an expansion on Korean fusion items (such as the Hodduk Cubano pictured below, or items we're still itching to try such as her Korean Falafel) or ventures into other realms like Hawaiian Plate Lunch or their fun take on Pancit and other Filipino cuisine staples, the latter with the very able assistance of Chef Sean. Pair these up with some Colmubus craft beer (Ajumama makes regular appearances at both Franklinton's Land Grant Brewing and Grandview's Four String Brewing taproom) and you have a very satisfying combo.

Bottom Line: Ajumama offers some of the tastiest mobile food offerings in the Columbus metro area...period.

Ajumama Food Truck
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