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Toddling Toward Three: A Second Year Blogiversary Post

Surprise, surprise - two years and this blog is still alive and kicking. I can't rightfully say whether I expected this or not, but I am quite happy to still be pounding on the keyboard on a regular basis cranking out these blog posts

My posting pace that first year was rather surprising and highly unsustainable (over 150 posts that first year) - for someone whose bills get paid by other time-consuming sources, that just wasn't going to workout in the long run. This year, I aimed for a more sustainable two posts per week and hit that mark pretty much on the mark; as Goldilocks might say, that number was "just right."

I could get into really specific detail about the breakdown of these posts, but that would be highly boring so I won't. Suffice it to say, the posts are nicely broken up mainly among Columbus-based eateries, beer and brewery related posts and travels from both within and outside of Ohio. Mix in some music events, local attractions and festivals, and my continuing ice cream journeys, and it made for a pretty nice cornucopia of topics covered this year.

A few really random notes to close out this year:
  • The Winner of the "Most Read Blogpost" Award goes to - My most clicked upon post for the year (and all time...it's not even close) is my November 2015 post on our visit to the last existing outpost of Clancy's Hamburgers, the small regional diner chain that populated mostly smaller towns in Ohio and three surrounding states. Your pride in the little outpost that still can is evident, and I salute you all. And believe you me, that first visit for me (and revisit for my spouse) will not be our last.
The undisputed champion blog post click count belongs to this Sidney survivor
  • The Editor Knows Her Stuff - I'm not really blogging for the money (I mean, if someone wants to pay me what I make as a regular salary to write, I might reconsider), but I learned that the perspective of experts can't be beat. Nick "Dr. Breakfast" Dekker's blogging class at The Commissary featuring former Crave Magazine Editor Beth Stallings gave me new ways to consider writing future posts. I've already started the process, and I hope the evolution continues into my third year of blogging.
  • Buddy Holly Rocks - Speaking of Stallings, she is now happily employed with Columbus' beloved Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. One of my most fun experiences this year was hearing Jeni's owner Jeni Britton Bauer speak at the first ever Columbus Mobile Food Conference in February. Among her most memorable topics captured during her talk was her obsession with all things Buddy Holly (definitely nothing wrong with that) and her surprising (but welcome to me) admission that despite her prominence in the spotlight, she is a bit of an introvert.\

  • Knife Fights and Po' Boys - Speaking of The Commissary, this is a place which should be at least an occasional visit if you're remotely food-interested. Whether it's the rotating cooking classes, the pop-up dinners, the special events, or something as simple as their resource library, you can find something worthwhile at Kate Djupe's now 1 1/2-year old kitchen/food business incubator. I'd say to definitely try out one of their Knife Fights: seeing two (or more) of Columbus' finest talents go at it in their kitchens generates its own energy.

  • The People You Meet - the people behind the scenes that I have met as a result of this little hobby are almost without fail some of the most kind and friendly people you'd ever want to meet. It is this aspect that was not even a consideration when I started this blog but makes doing what I am doing the more worthwhile as I forge forward. And of course, to anyone who has made this blog a regular stopping point in their week: your interest is something I am truly appreciative of and will remain so as long as I keep this up.
Anyway, that's enough for now. Thank you for a great two years, and here's looking forward to more blogging adventures in year three.

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  1. Well done. Stats I have seen consistently: 60 -70% of new blogs do not make it past 6 months. The average lifespan of a "sustained" blog is 33 months. You are almost there. Keep at it.