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Food Truck Dossier: Aloha Streatery

Food Truck: Aloha Streatery

My First Thought: "Oooh, food truck plate lunch?"

Reality: To paraphrase the one and only Sir-Mix-A-Lot, "I like baked buns and a bit of rice/No other brahs can deny." Aloha Streatery has a focused selection of golden baked buns with various fillings and a couple of generally healthier rice-based dishes

Standout Item: Pretty much anything inside those open-faced buns - these things are just plain good with a great combo of crisp and chew with a buttery profile. They go well with pretty much anything Aloha Streatery puts in it, so go with your cravings (I lean toward the pork, but the tofu on the Crunchy Peanut Bun was also quite good.)  Modest appetites will be happy with two; most heartier appetites can be fulfilled with three.

Bonus Item: Fries! Aloha Streatery does their basic House Fries (with just a touch of basil) quite well. They also have a decadent-sounding Island Style Fries that I have yet to try but is on my to do list.

Verdict: Those of a certain age may remember The Brady Bunch episodes in Hawaii. During one memorable scene, oldest brother Greg Brady wipes out horrendously while surfing, ostensibly due to a tabu tiki idol he was wearing.

Personally, I think all he would've needed was a couple of these Aloha Streatery buns before he went out on the water. These are tabu breakers if I ever tasted them.

Aloha Streatery Food Truck
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