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IWD500: Dripworks Coffee (Petoskey, MI)

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My spouse and I have discovered we don't mind taking a detour out of our main route if we learn of something promising on either the sightseeing or culinary side of things. On a recent trip Northern Michigan, we quickly learned that Mackinaw City isn't exactly a coffee aficionado's paradise. Not wanting to settle for typical continental breakfast coffee or Starbucks the morning of our departure, our research revealed a promising place less than an hour away in Petoskey.

Opened in June of this year, Dripworks Coffee is located in the downtown Gaslight District of this tony coastal community. The pre-trip research revealed what at the very least looked to be an artistic flair not only in their website and their Facebook page, but also in their food items. Upon our arrival, nothing about the storefront dissuaded us from this initial impression.

The interior continued this stylish motif: white brick-like tile inlay behind the counter, re-purposed wood benches and tables, chalkboard menus, and the recently installed "Birds In Flight" artwork on the walls from artist Kelly Kazmierski.

Beautifully made and
delicious tasting
And yes, the food items looked as aesthetically pleasing in person as they did on their website posts. It took us a bit to decide on the baked goods as everything looked truly delicious, but in the end it seemed it would be a sin if we did not order one of their beautifully designed pinwheel pastries. With cherries being one of my spouse's weaknesses, the black cherry pinwheel (the other was an equally tempting apricot) made our selection pretty easy. Similarly, one of my weaknesses came into play as I ordered their Danish frøsnapper, essentially a sweet (but thankfully not too sweet) poppyseed twist. We savored both of these European-style pastries ($3 each) as we waited for our coffee.

Dripworks uses beans from Grand Rapids roaster Madcap, and their coffee did not disappoint. Their cold brew with coconut milk ($3.70) was something I had never seen offered on any other menu and gave that a whirl; this combo worked sublimely well as the coconut flavor enhanced rather than masked the floral notes of the coffee itself.

My spouse opted for their pour over hot coffee, where one can choose from one of three beans for the pour over treatment. Seeking a more robust roast, my spouse opted for the El Salvadoran El Porvenir, which promised dark chocolate, plum and cinnamon flavor notes. Unsurprisingly, Dripworks' presentation of her coffee again showed flair: the coffee itself was in a glass beaker, accompanied by a white porcelain sipping cup and cream dispenser all on top of a wooden serving block. Like the cold brew, this was a palate-pleaser whose flavor notes especially went well with my spouse's the black cherry pinwheel.

The pour over coffee was artfully presented as well
Outside of coffee and pastries, Dripworks Coffee has recently launched a lunchtime menu, homemade ice cream sandwiches and drinking chocolate (hot or iced) which uses the offerings of gourmet chocolate maker TCHO out of San Francisco. Most if not all of their food offerings are some combination of organic, vegan and gluten-free.

The owners were incredibly personable and friendly (they have quite the tale to tell in regards to how they actually stumbled into the coffee business) and were genuinely excited to trade tales of travel and hear about how we discovered their coffee place.

The folks at Dripworks Coffee showed an enthusiasm and passion for their craft that would seem to make their long-term business prospects promising as they head into the colder months of the year. If you are in or close to the Petoskey area, Dripworks is a place worthy of a visit.

2019 Update: This coffee shop keeps on brewing, with some notable press from places like Eater Detroit and Sprudge.com.

Dripworks Coffee
207 Howard St (Google Maps)
Petoskey, MI 49770
(231) 838-9875
Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Website

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