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Another Blogiversary: A Little Spring Cleaning

Anyone who has read this blog through its three years of existence will know
that there is no need to feel sad about ice cream at anytime
(image from one of my childhood favorites: ABC TV's Schoolhouse Rock)
Last year when I wrote up my second "Blogiversary" post, I received a nice comment from one of the deans of local blogger-types in the CMH Gourmand, noting that on average a "sustained" blog generally lasts on average about 33 months and that I was just about there.

Well, I guess its time to celebrate a little bit then with this third "Blogiversary" post. After putting up a initial statement post back in late May of 2014, three has proven to be a magic number indeed. While this venture was meant as more of a fun lark and a way to keep mentally sharp when I started, I have noticed the traffic to this blog grow surely but steadily over time. For those of you who poke their heads here on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis, I thank you for your time and I hope you have been entertained by the ventures of my spouse and I over this span.

Post number wise, things have remained pretty steady: after a blazing (and unsustainable) three posts a week during my first year of blogging, I have striven for and pretty much have reached the two posts per week mark these last couple years. As Goldilocks might say, that number seems to be just right, and no changes will be made on that front for the time being.

Restaurants come, restaurants go, especially over three years of
blogging (such as Hilliard's short-lived Hot Chicken Kitchen)
I did want to note two things as I move into the fourth year of blogging - after three years of writing, I noticed the older posts could use a little cleaning up. Obviously, the food industry is a tough way to make a living, and some of my posts relate to places that (sadly) are no longer in business (Honeykiss Bakery, Surly Girl, Westgate Thai, and Double Comfort, among others.) I will be updating those posts with status updates as best I can figure them. Likewise, for those businesses that are still plugging away, I will be updating all their contact links if needed.

Secondly, I did want to make note the quiet update I made a couple months back to my blog page links. Many of these links feature members of the loose-knit group that is the Cbusfoodbloggers. This group (which I am a member of) all sport "a passion for great food" and are dedicated to "build buzz about the local (Columbus) food scene." Many of you are already probably familiar with many of the people featured (the previously mentioned Gourmand, Breakfast with Nick, The Hummusapien, and so forth), but if you aren't, I ask that you go ahead and check out their sites.

Just be sure to check back here every so often - there's plenty more exploring that I'm itching to write about over the next year.

Thanks again, and may your eats and travels continue to be delightful.

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