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Food Truck Dossier: Horn OK Please

Food Truck: Horn OK Please

My First Thought: "Hey, that food truck kind of looks like a Jeepney!"

Reality:  Actually, this food truck is about as rare as a Filipino Jeepney in the Columbus area, though one would think it shouldn't be. Columbus has a fairly large number of residents from India within the region, and a corresponding fair number of brick-and-mortar restaurants as a result. One would think there would be a few Indian-food-related food trucks out there as well, but as far as I know, Horn OK Please (which debuted in the summer months of 2015) is pretty much it.

A fun little factoid lies in the food truck's name itself: Horn OK Please is a traditional phrase found on many commercial vehicles within India, indicating a request that the driver behind honk prior to passing the vehicle in front.

Standout Item: We really haven't had a bad item so far in our explorations of this food truck's menu, which contains a number of pleasing spice and textural combinations, as well as vegetarian options like the Veggie Kebab. However, the latest item I've tried, the Reshmi Chicken, might be my favorite so far. This naan wrap, containing chunks of chicken marinated in a chutney laced with almonds, ginger, garlic and cilantro, plus pickled onions and a fried egg, really provided a satisfying flavor blend.

Bonus Item: Actually, a few come to mind here. The Tater Tots Chaat, a blend of my favorite fried potato concoction and masala chickpeas, is hardly traditional (at least, I don't think it is) but an inspired side item nonetheless. Second bonus item lies in their pop offerings, which includes the Indian brands Thums Up and Limca as well as the Mexican variety of Coca-Cola (Coconut Water and bottle water is also available.) Finally, while the food generally isn't mouth-heat spicy, it does pair up well with a cold brew. It's not surprising that Horn OK Go is in the regular rotation at Seventh Son Brewing and makes appearances at a number of other area breweries.

Bottom Line: With efficient service and unique flavor profiles, Horn OK Please's Indian fusion street food has become one of our favorites on the Columbus mobile food scene.

Horn OK Please Food Truck
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