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Falafel of the Cultured: Pita Hut -N- Grille

The term "Drunk Food" is title given to certain munchies that bring a certain hallowed yet love/hate relationship with those who consume them. With cravings more often brought on by the consumption of certain intoxicating substances (which may or may not be legal depending on your age and jurisdiction), these food items, which generally are nowhere near haute cuisine, sound like great ideas at the time, or perhaps are traditions that are built up over many years. These items almost always taste wonderful at the time of consumption. And one prays before they go to sleep for the night that your digestive system won't hate you the morning afterward for having consumed said items.

The Mediterranean-styled street food offerings of Pita Hut -N- Grille seem to fall into that category by default: this quaint takeout-oriented shop is conveniently located to Clintonville institution Bob's Bar, which nattily calls itself the "Cultural Hub of the Midwest." For the casual passer-by, it would be easy to assume that the offerings here fall into that digestive-system-beware category as well.

But first glance inside Pita Hut -N- Grille gives you a hint that this may be a touch better than your typical grab-and-go joint. The overhead menu is arranged for quick processing (familiar options are available in sandwich, combo and platter editions), spits of shawerma and gyro stand at the ready by the grill, metal trays of attractively laid out (for metal trays, anyway) ingredients and salads lie directly behind the glass-window shield.


When considering the location, this may be one of the better unexpectedly-good falafels I have had and at some of the most inexpensive prices to boot (at the time of this post, 20 of these tasty crunchy nuggets will cost you a mere five dollars.)  The pita sandwiches come with plenty of crunchy veggies and are guaranteed to fill your tummy, but I almost have to grab by default an order of french fries (bonus points for the old-school labeled sleeve) with that. These are fries done right, with a golden brown color and wonderful exterior crunch/interior fluff that often outdoes renditions from more spendy restaurants we have eaten at. Other items we have tried, from the shawarma to the hummus to various salads (Jerusalem and Cauliflower) are all pretty tasty as well.

To sum it up, you really don't need to wait until the late night hours (this eatery is regularly open until 12 midnight) after downing a few brews to try the offerings of this quaint little eatery. But should you find yourself in that situation, there are lot worse places to end up at than the Pita Hut -N- Grille.

Pita Hut -N- Grille
4965 N. High Street (Clintonville)
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 433-0996\
Facebook     Website     Yelp

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