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Biking and Brunching: South of Lane

This year, Mrs. 614orty-Niner and I finally dove in and made a small investment in some new bicycles. We had come across each other's paths as a result of another fitness activity as avid runners. These days, with our different schedules, run paces and other commitments, we figured biking would be a terrific way to be active together. In addition, the Columbus metro area continues to grow more bicycle-friendly, with a fairly solid bike infrastructure in place as well as more improvements on the way. These improvements include the recent $1.25 million dollar grant to the new CoGo Bike Share program from Medical Mutual and the soon-to-be-completed connector that will make the Alum Creek trail continuous from Westerville to the Blacklick Creek Trail to the south.

One of the additional bonuses, other than the calories burned in the biking, is the opportunity to bike to various eateries around the area for a tasty breakfast or brunch together. On one recent jaunt, we decided to revisit a little tony place in Upper Arlington that combines antiques and scrumptious breakfasts: South of Lane.

Like the first time we visited, South of Lane is absolutely suited for bicyclists cruising in on a bike, or families from the neighborhood toting their kids and/or dogs alongside due to its outdoor seating (indoor seating is also available for those who desire it.) We found all these aspects on our this visit, along with other slices of the local Upper Arlington population on this stopover, just like we had on our first meal here. Also similar to the first visit, the interior's unique blend of displayed antiques, patron seating, and open kitchen (the view of which seems to make you hungrier as you wait in line to order your food) appeared not to have changed too much either.

The kitchen is visible to all in this cozy interior
The menu had some new additions since we had last visited but for the most part is concentrated on a few select variants on waffles, french toast and omelets for breakfast (additional items like salads, sandwiches and soups are available for lunch.) One constant we again appreciated was their continued use of Thunderkiss Coffee Roasters to make their java. As we had just put in a good solid workout already and Thunderkiss' iced coffee is some of the best in the area, it was a no-doubter what we were ordering for our morning caffeine.

Mrs. 614orty-Niner ordered something that I had ordered on the first visit: the PB2 is a homemade waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar, folded over peanut butter and bacon, with strawberries for garnish. Like me, the Mrs. found this seemingly simple production completely tasty and filling.

The PB2 - no words needed for this delicious creation
As much as I enjoyed the PB2 on my first visit, the Mrs. "won" the menu battle that time when she ordered absolutely delectable coconut french toast. As that was not on the menu this time, I went with a newer offering: the bourbon pecan french toast.

Oh, my! Look at those pecans...
This round went to me in terms of menu selection. This french toast, surrounded by chunks of pecans, laced with a caramelly bourbon flavor, and garnished with bananas, tasted like decadence...and it came with bacon to boot! It actually came with a flask of syrup, which was completely unneeded; I gladly donated to the Mrs. so she could add some additional maple sweetness to her plate.

Our service was a little on the slow side on both visits for entirely different reasons (the first visit was simple bad timing with a large group of bicyclists arriving just before we got there, while this visit was a case of the restaurant being short-staffed.) But this is the type of place where you really don't seem to mind slow service so much. South of Lane is the type of place that almost invites you to ease back, slow down, take in the environs and enjoy your surrounding company.

On this visit, one precocious young lad easily wiled away the wait time by providing all the outdoor patrons a neat little display of wonderment. He shuffled back and forth between his family's dog and a neighbor's mutt, pointing out to his parents and to everyone else, to his complete amazement, that dogs could actually be different in so many ways.

South of Lane is just a little different too...and that is a good thing.

South of Lane
1987 Guilford Rd (Google Maps)
Upper Arlington, OH
(614) 586-2233
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