The Pork In The Road: Mom Wilson's Country Sausage

Heading on up on highway Twenty-Three
Easing past the North Side Fix
Praying the traffic ain't too bad
As we drive up into the sticks

Heading into Delaware town
Always tempted by their craft beer
Or maybe stop by the gas station where
One President Hayes once rested here

Just before the roadside honey stand
Perched along road two two nine 
A well-worn yellow & red arrow beckons 
Along with a series of rhyming signs

It's not like we have to make
A time deadline on most days
So into the Porkin' Lot we drive
Mom Wilson's, we're on our way

Selling sausage from their back porch
Nearly sixty years ago or so
People knew then it was the bomb
At least those who were in the know

Despite a tornado's wrath fierce 
The family kept intact their store
Mom Wilson's signature patties still sell today
But now you'll find there's so much more

Inside a modest roadside shack
Blue ribbons touting their feats
Before you buy a pound or three
You can sample their dills and meats

There's that glass case in the corner
Where vintage tchotchkes can be found
And then popcorn, jellies, and old fashioned fudge
Amish-style products here do abound

Whether it's slices of the ring bologna
Or pounds of gumbo-bound brats
We've been happy with our visits
No matter what we may have bought 

So if you like "No Fatty in the Patty"
And you're headed up Toledo way
Mom Wilsons is worth the stop by
A porky perk to almost anyone's day

Mom Wilson's Country Sausage Mart
7720 US 23 North (Google Maps)
Delaware, OH 43015
(740) 726-2636
Facebook     Instagram     Website     Yelp

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