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The Sounds of Bronuts: Cravings Cafe

When I initially started writing this post related to the return of Cravings Cafe, I kind of got the feeling that I was adding to the chorus of those pleased to see the creations of Matt and Lindsey Tewanger available to the public at large again.  Media sources like the Columbus DispatchColumbus Underground, Columbus Alive and our the city's own breakfast guru Breakfast With Nick and have documented the Tewanger's longer-than-expected saga (roughly two years) to rehab the long-idle Saigon Palace space in downtown into their third iteration of their business.

I could tell you that their seasonal creations are just as tasty as they are (and they are), and that the downtown crowd has made Cravings a go-to spot for breakfast and lunch (the place has always been buzzing on my visits), and that their space, while still relatively cozy, is much more functional and appealing than their old Italian Village home, and that their once specialty item in their Bronut becoming a regular menu item.

But frankly, I think that would be rather rote, and since I'm feeling a little creative on my return back to the Columbus food scene, I figured I oughta' sweeten this post up with a little poetic license.

So with all due inspiration from the great Paul Simon, I present you The Sounds Of Bronuts...

Hello Cravings, my old friend
We get to dine with you again
There was a vision softly creeping
A lovely glaze while I was sleeping
And this vision that was frying in my brain
Still remains
With the sight of Bronuts

Early mornings I've walked alone
By downtown streets of brick and stone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I zippered up to the cold and damp
When my eyes did spy the flash of a brand new sign
Which meant that I did find
The lovely taste of Bronuts

And in that naked light I saw
A dozen people, maybe more
People thinking about eating
People thinking about seating
People remembering meals that Cravings served out there
When they prepared
Those lovely rings of Bronuts

But you know they have so much more
To tempt you once inside their store
Breakfast Burritos will beseech you
French Toast tastes that will reach you
Sweet Cookies by the dozens they do sell
Right next to the wells
The wells of Bronuts

And right before your order's made
The daily specials are displayed
A paper sign shows what is warming
To the line of people that keeps forming
And it says Cravings has got it going on within these brick-made walls
And your hunger calls
Whispering those sounds of bronuts

Cravings Cafe
114 N. Front St. (Downtown - Google Maps)
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 670–4439
Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Website

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