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Petal-er of Tasty Treats: Flowers and Bread

An insurance commercial I remember from a couple years ago (all my attempts to verify the actual company behind it have gone for nought) focused on some rather dubious-sounding business combinations ("Kevin's Plumbing and Hot Dogs, may I help you?"), with the ultimate lesson being that you should trust the focused specialist.

Clintonville's Flowers & Bread, created by Sarah Lagrotteria and Tricia Wheeler roughly one year ago, seems to go against that train of thought, offering up the charms of both flours and, well, flowers underneath the same roof.  It sounded like an intriguing combo (not that I would be interested in the floral aspect all that much) but I did wonder on another level whether this would come off as gimmicky in any way.

Thankfully, my spouse and I have found this not to be the case at all.

The interior of Flowers and Bread is divided out into several distinct spaces. The "flowers" side of the building does indeed cater to that side of the business (classes in the art of floral arrangements are offered on a regular basis), but it serves as a perfect overflow spot for guests exploring the main driver of this multi-tasking business in its food.

Upon entering the main ordering area, the eatery's signature baked goods, created by head baker Sarah Black, provide a visually eye-catching ring around the main display counter filled with various breakfast baked goods and lunch items, including quiches and their PB&J sandwich of the day. Similar to their flower goods, the eatery offers up a variety of food-related classes to the public.

The main seating area offers a bright space to dine in, with rustic-shaded wooden tables and chairs and flower arrangements (which I have read are purchasable) on each table. Maybe it's no surprise that I've found diners here to be primarily female, but Flowers & Bread offers a nice atmosphere for a small family or a lovely spot to take a date (the outdoor patio area helps with seating during the warmer months.)

I'm happy to also say the taste of the food creations match the beauty of the floral pieces. Matched up with some generally strongly brewed coffee from Backroom Coffee roasters from Galena, we really haven't had a bad bite so far here, from their decadent cakes (the simple-looking Buttermilk Chocolate Cake is especially lovely) and other baked goods to, more recently, their lunch items such their Smoked Pastrami (very tender and fatty) on Rye and the Chicken Harissa Salad sandwiches.

Flowers and Bread is currently undergoing some construction pains, not to their space but rather the streets around them, making access to their parking lot and their space in general a bit tricky at the moment.  While I am certain this can't be good for the bottom line, I'm hoping that the worthy combo of flowers, food and education has more that Flowers and Bread has brought to the table over the past year proves more than enough to weather this temporary hindrance.

Flowers and Bread
3870 N. High St. (Clintonville - Google Maps)
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 262-5400
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  1. While the combination at first left me curious after one visit I was sold. They make it seem like I was silly to ever doubt it! The bread is amazing and their flowers make me happy.