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Food Truck Dossier: Alice's Aebelskabels

Food Truck: Alice's Aebelskabels

My First Thought: "Hmmm, isn't that supposed to be Aebelskivels?"

Reality: It is misspelled, but for a VERY good reason.

The neat little story on her origins of the Alice (her granddaughter Hilary owns and runs the truck) and her family is framed just outside the ordering window. In that story, one learns the reason behind the spelling, which was based on her family's long-time mispronunciation of this Danish treat.

Standout Item: Well, duh! To be serious, it really depends on your mood: Alice's offers more traditional preparations of these Danish treats (plain or with chocolate chips). However, specialty savory versions (at a slightly higher price) are also available, stuffed with things like pepper jack cheese or prosciutto and Swiss cheese.

Bonus Item: The side condiments such as powdered sugar, preserves, or syrup. The latter two are available on the side or sprinkled on top. For the savory aebelskivers, it allows a diner to get both sweet and savory in one bite. I knew the Prosciutto and Swiss with maple syrup would be good, but never thought to have preserves with pepper jack until taking up Hillary's suggestion..

Verdict: My spouse and I had our first aebelskivers in Solvang, CA, the self-proclaimed "Danish Capital of America" and featured prominently in the acclaimed movie "Sideways." However, we weren't terribly impressed by the dense and chewy versions we were served there, and we hoped to find a much better version somewhere down the road.

Hilary, who says she has plenty of family in the Solvang area, has been told this recipe was much better than anything you can find in town. Indeed, these light and airy constructs are delectable fare, and you don't need Sandra Oh bashing you upside the head with a motorcycle helmet to convince you of that. Just bring a few bucks and a hankering for a little mispronunciation.

Alice's Aebelskabels Food Truck
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