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Food Truck Dossier: Sobremesa

Food Truck: Sobremesa

My First Thought: Pretty snazzy trailer...and vegan to boot?

Reality: This relative newcomer to the Columbus food truck scene (starting up roughly during the winter of 2016) features Venezuelan Rafael Simo, who escaped the corporate world to follow his dream of "making good food that would be worthy of a conversation between old friends, family, lovers or even strangers", and touting itself as "Columbus’ first Latin-infused, plant-based mobile food service", as described on its main website.

Based on the menus I've seen at Sobremesa's stops, Simo is following through on that dream in spades. Sobremesa's dishes that are most definitely plant-oriented, with nary a hint of meat in the ingredient listings.

Standout Item: My own personal perception is that brick-and-mortar restaurants that are specifically vegan focused generally have more of a challenge attracting regulars than their non-vegan counterparts for numerous factors. For a vegan-focused food truck, I think it's actually a little tougher, in that the general public food truck focus is to seek out the more lavish/over-the-top/gluttonous creations.

With that said, we can say that the main dish offerings that my spouse and I have sampled from Sobremesa have all been quite delicious and would definitely seek out in the future, sporting spot-on, flavorful spicing and a delightful blend of textures. It's tough to pick out a standout so far, but the Jerk Tofu Bowl probably rates as our favorite with the crispy tacos just a corn kernel or two behind.

Bonus Item: In this case, it's going to have to be bonus-item-to-be. I've had to kick myself on my visits because it's totally slipped my mind, but I have heard this food truck's horchata is definitely worth the price of admission. Next time around, as they say.

Bottom Line: You won't miss the meat at all when it comes to Sobremesa's offerings. If you're looking to put in something a little more healthful into your diet, or just seeking out some tasty bites in general, this food truck is definitely worth seeking out.

Note: the social media and website links were pointed incorrectly at first; they should now be corrected.

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  1. Love that he left the corporate world to follow him dream to make awesome food! I have not heard of this food truck but I must try it.