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Food Truck Dossier: Capital Ramen

Food Truck: Capital Ramen

My First Thought: Hardly the most fancy food truck in the world....but, ramen!

Reality: I admit, hot steaming bowls of soup aren't something I go for much during the warmer days of the year. However, get me to the late fall to the early spring, and its hard to beat the comfort and warming power of a fresh batch of soup.

Winter can be a very tough time for those in the mobile food industry here in Columbus, when the choice between shutting down and braving what can be some harsh winter conditions and lowered customer visits isn't so clear cut.  However, when I saw Capital Ramen, who has been making a go of it here in the area since 2015, parked nearby during a recent workday, I was pretty pleased to see them making a run at it.

Standout Item: Well, if you advertise yourself as a ramen truck, it probably be in your best interest to make that your standout item. As I have discovered, Capital Ramen's broths have a nice quotient of umami, are not too salty, and pack a goodly amount of noodles, proteins and other ingredients (such as their soy mirin eggs) into their bowls.

While this food truck's final product may not match up to some of the more vibrant taste combos the brick-and-mortar ramen joints in the area can pump out, what they do offer more than does the trick for those seeking out a "liquid" lunch.

Bonus Item: Capital Ramen's menu includes a selection of wraps, rice boxes and salads, the latter two of which I don't remember being available during previous visits. The Pork Belly Wrap I have ordered from this food truck comes nicely charred with plenty of crispy vegetables and a selection of condiments, incuding spicy lime, sweet and sour and the spicehead-pleasing wasabi mustard.

Another spice head bonus I had not noticed on previous visits was the option for skillet fried jalapenos with any entree for a couple quarters extra.

Bottom Line: Capital Ramen may not have the most eye-catching food truck graphics in the world, much less the city of Columbus, but those who decide to stop by will find some better-than-average Japanese-inspired fare.

Capital Ramen
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