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Ice Cream Chronicles (Vol. 14): Always Young's At Heart

Starting as a Jersey cow milk seller around 1960, Young's Jersey
Dairy has evolved into a multi-faceted provider of numerous dairy

products, food, and family-fun-oriented attractions over the years
Truth be told, I found out on my first visit to Young's Jersey Dairy that it is not a destination strictly for the ice cream. My scoops of butter pecan and strawberry were solid but a bit lackluster when compared with some of the more celebrated Ohio-based ice cream purveyors I have managed to visit. In fact, their ice cream may be best experienced in milkshake form: on this particularly hot and humid day, I admit it would've been easy to stray from the immediate task at hand of reviewing the ice cream on its own merits based on the numerous milkshake orders from folks in front and behind me and their subsequent satisfied reactions after their first sips.

Young's ice cream may be a notch below other Central Ohio purveyors
of this frozen treat, but it's still plenty good enough to please the crowds
However, in this particular case, Young's ice cream must be considered as part of what is an overall winning package. From their start in 1958 selling their Jersey cow milk to the public, this family-owned dairy has slowly but certainly expanded their product and food offerings. Along with basic cheese varieties such as Colby, Baby Swiss and Pepper Jack, Young's offers up cheddar curds in a multiple variations, including cajun, dill and habanero. Their deep-fried curds were prominently displayed on a menu of their other lunchtime offerings such as burgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips; as delectable as they looked, I decided they would have to wait for another visit.

Young's also can accommodate those who would like a picnic-style experience or those looking for a more formal meal. For the former, Barnabe's Walnut Grove can be rented by groups of 50 or more with catering provided by the dairy; these diners are allowed access to other aspects of Young's attractions (more on this later.) In regards to the latter, the Golden Jersey Inn, opened in 1998 in a timber-lined building to the north of the main dairy facility, offers Amish- and home-styled dishes for lunch and dinner as well as weekend breakfast hours.

Besides their dairy products, Young's Dairy offers attractions that
have proven to be pleasing over all age ranges and continues
to draw the crowds to its Yellow Springs-area facility
Perhaps the biggest part of the Young's appeal lies in the previously alluded to attractions. These lie firmly in the pre-Internet/video game/mobile device style of activities that continue to appeal to numerous generations and all age ranges. From activities related to the dairy's everyday functions (visitors are encouraged to experience what goes on on this working farm) to fun physical pursuits such as golf (both putt-putt and driving-range variations), batting cages and pedal carts, to seasonal/annual events like corn mazes, pumpkin picking and vintage truck shows, it's no surprise why Young's has continued to be a destination in the Yellow Springs area of Ohio over the years.

I can now rest assured that I will be much better "prepared" on my next visit to Young's. I will hopefully have in tow a group of friends or family who will engage me in savagely competitive games of putt-putt golf or endeavor to knock solid liners back up the middle in the batting cages. I also hope to have some younger folk who would appreciate the goat petting pen and "ooh and ahh" at the sight of milking cows. And finally, I want to sample some of Young's other dairy products, perhaps those visibly-enticing deep fried cheese curds I spied on this first visit.

And I will top it all off with a milkshake. And I am sure it will be quite tasty indeed.

Young’s Jersey Dairy
6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd
Yellow Springs, OH  45387
(937) 325-0629
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