A Farewell...and a Rebirth

One of the many tenets of Buddhism relates to your after life - when you die, you are rebirthed in one of the six existing realms, based on the karmic effects of your previous life.  One can evolve into a god or a demigod, or one can descend into the animal realm, the hungry ghost realm, or the hell realm.  

You may be asking - what the hell (no pun intended) does this have to do with a blog?

Well, this post is essentially this particular blog's last rites.  When I started this blog, the main focus was the transition from California to Central Ohio, with plenty of comparison between the two places especially in the culinary field.  Also, with me on a learning curve of what food Central Ohio did and didn't have, I mused a lot on the various restaurants, cafes, breweries and other food-related establishments I happened upon.

But almost everything needs a tweak now and again, and this blog has reached that point.  Essentially, California has become over the years a place I travel to now, and the perspective is more tourist than former resident these days.  Plus, the restaurants I covered with blog posts are now covered in my Instagram feed.  Also, the pandemic, as suck-filled as that was for almost everyone, has made me realize there is a larger pastiche of pathways I can explore with the blog. Having a formula is fine, but a formula often gets tiresome after awhile, and the energy that I've gained with the more free-form posting has revitalized me quite a bit.

I see the opportunity in that evolution, and I intend to run with it as long as I can.

This blog will remain up for the foreseeable future, but won't see any more posts. I imagine at some undetermined point in the future, this blog will head to archive land, no longer to be seen again.

There was one realm I hadn't mentioned in the Buddhism rebirth cycle I did not mention previously - rebirth as another human. Similarly, this blog has rebirthed into another blog, which at first glance is just a little more easy on the eyes, with a more expansive look at the intersection of food, travel, music and culture in general.

Thank you for stopping by throughout the years, and please join me at criticalricetheory.com to continue the fun.

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